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Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG Soft launches in Canada and the Philippines

Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG is now available for download in Canada and the Philippines.

And get this. Not only can the residents of those two countries be the first to play Webzen’s latest casual mobile game, but they can also participate in numerous launch events.

Some people are lucky.

In case you’re fresh to the game, Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG is, as the name suggests, an idle RPG.

You explore a vast fantasy continent called Westland, work your way through an epic single-player campaign, and battle with many enemies. Of course, there’s also PvP for those of you who prefer sentient opponents.

50+ heroes

You also summon an army of powerful heroes. There are over 50 to collect, each belonging to one of seven different factions. They include Human, Elf, Cyborg, Orc, Nogoth, Gifted, and Brandon.

These heroes all have their own attributes, skills and fighting styles, giving you plenty to consider when assembling your formations.

Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG has much more to offer than we can discuss in this post. But Webzen has been kind enough to put together a few videos that give a taste of the Flexible Faction System and the Hero Promotion system. Check them out.

As we mentioned, Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG launches with some events so you can fill your treasure chest and boost your heroes before the game goes global.

First, there are several login rewards, including Gems, Race Summoning Scrolls, Summoning Scrolls, and more.

And if you manage to log in seven days in a row, you’ll also receive Newbie Sign-In rewards. These include an Elite-Kalios hero, Gems, and Race Summoning Scrolls.

Then there are the daily assignments. Completing these will grant you some unique rewards, including an Elite Evelynn Trafalgar Hero. The quality of your reward depends on the difficulty of the quest, from Newbie Trial to Intermediate Trial.

If you are in one of the blessed soft launch regions then go to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG for free now.

Otherwise, check the game Facebook and the official Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG Site.

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