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New Delhi: Are you an iPhone user? If yes, then it is important for you to know that there are a lot of tips and tricks that remain unknown to you. If you get to know them then it can make your life easier. Apple iPhones come with huge benefits that are already in default mode, starting from security to high-quality camera sensors. However, there are a few iPhone hacks that continue to be hidden. Here’s a quick look at some of the iPhone hacks that one should know and try.

Top 10 hidden iPhone hacks

1. Camera focus trick

Taking photographs with our iPhones is the thing that we as a whole take euphoria in. However, making it more engaged can be an or more point. You simply need to tap once on your screen to make your subject more honed and assuming that you continue to hang on it, a “AF/AE Locked” box will spring up, which implies now your concentration and openness won’t change and you can appreciate clicking your photographs in the set settings.

2. Recording video? Take photos too

We sometimes need to settle on a decision briefly, that ‘would it be advisable for me to record it or take pictures’? Well you can do both! While recording a video on your iPhone, press the shade symbol close to the video button which will permit you to accept pictures also.

3. Call with a single button

Open the keypad, tap on the green telephone symbol and it will naturally redial the last number that you had dialed. Very simple right?

4. Hide apps

Nobody really prefers the home screen loaded up with various applications and you should have some applications which you don’t utilize so every now and again. Simply tap on the application and snap on ‘eliminate application’ and afterward decide to ‘move to application library’.

5. Be the teacher of Siri!

There should be various occasions when your Siri articulates a word mistakenly. However, relax, Siri will learn, in the event that you will instruct! You want to say “That is not how you articulate… “. Following that, Siri will ask you for the right elocution and she will rapidly learn it.

6. Snap photo with voice commands

You can click your photos with your voice orders as well. Initiate the voice controls on your iPhone from settings and afterward request that Siri open your camera and take a snap. This will not require you to tap on the snap button.

7. Timer on music

Many individuals have a propensity for paying attention to tunes while hitting the sack. Yet, does your music go on even after that? Here is the iPhone hack! Go to the timer by means of clock and afterwards ‘when the timer ends’. Here you want to pick the ‘Quit playing’ choice and set the term to allow your telephone to play music. When the clock runs out, the music will stop without anyone else.

8. Delete text just with a good shake!

Weird right!? You can delete something that you composed just by shaking your iPhone and afterward click on ‘Fix Typing’. You can even re-try composing in a similar way. You can even take a stab at swiping left with three fingers to erase the text.

9. Add caption to your saved pictures and videos

You can add the subtitle in your iPhone photographs and recordings by swiping up on it. This likewise assists you with thinking that it is later through search.

10. Tired of using Safari on iPhone? Change it

There are a larger number of choices of programs in your iPhone than just Safari. You can change your default Safari program to different programs like Chrome, Firefox or more. Go to the settings, and afterward tap on the Default program. Following that, click on your favored program’s settings and set it as default.

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