Apple’s next iPhone SE is expected to launch sooner than usual

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • The new Apple SE will get 5G support as well as an upgraded camera
  • According to the design, the iPhone SE 3 will continue the iPhone 6-like shape

Apple’s next iteration of the iPhone will be in stores sooner than earlier anticipated. The fans of iPhone’s SE or Special Edition had to wait four years for the next variant which was available in 2020. The next rendition of the SE iPhone will come sooner than expected with 2022’s iPhone launch most likely being the launch date for iPhone SE 3. Lowered prices and amazing specifications make it a killer deal for Apple loyalists to upgrade as well as Android users to get onboard the Apple bandwagon. According to the latest rumours abuzz online, mass production of the Apple iPhone SE 3 is about to begin.

It makes sense to start early to meet demands given the semiconductor crisis that has hit the tech industry. A release is scheduled to be anywhere between the first and second quarter of 2022, which is earlier than the usual third quarter launch and subsequent availability of the phones and other tech launched during Apple’s annual mega event.

On a negative note, the SE smartphone will most likely still resemble an iPhone 6. The niche crowd that loves the old design is waning, but the cost and specifications are enough to sway many in the SE’s direction. But it still begs the question – is a nearly decade-old design still the way to go? It’s not old enough to be retro and wasn’t exactly path-breaking to keep continuing. No idea what Apple is thinking with the similar design there. But will the new SE phone be on your bucket list of gadgets for 2022?

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