Apple should fix online movie rentals — here’s how

The other day, I rented Confess, Fletch through Apple’s online store, so that my wife and I could stream a movie through our Apple TV. I’m a fan of Gregory Mcdonald’s Fletch books, but I care much less for Chevy Chase’s Fletch films, so I was hoping that the new version starring Jon Hamm would be more faithful to the original novel.

It costs $19.99 to rent Confess, Fletch, because the movie is available to stream at the same time it’s been released to theaters. Paying $20 just to rent a movie cuts me to my very core, as I am both a cheapskate and a fellow who grew up in the home video rental era when $20 would allow you to walk out of a Blockbuster Video store with an armful of VHS cassettes. But Confess, Fletch wasn’t playing at a theater we cared to drive to, and I figured that the $19.99 fee would cost less than full-price movie tickets for me and the missus. So we went ahead and rented it.

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