Apple Issues Expensive Shock For Millions Of iPhone Fans

iPhone prices may already leave potential upgraders with sticker shock, but now Apple has found a new way to make them even more expensive. 

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Spotted by MacRumors, Apple has slashed trade-in values for Android handsets to almost insultingly-low levels with only older, cheaper handsets retaining their token trade-in amounts. Apple breaks down the new prices on its official trade-in site, but you can find the major models listed below. 

Highlights (lowlights?) of the price cuts include circa 25% price reductions for the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G ($325 from $435), Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ($405 from $545), Note 20 ($285 from 385) and Google Pixel 5 ($235 from $315). Only the Galaxy S8+ ($60), S8 ($50) and Pixel 3a ($50) remain unchanged. 

If you just picked your jaw off the floor, prepare for it to drop again because these prices are “up to” which means they are only offered for phones in great condition. Any signs of wear and tear and you can expect to receive considerably less. 

Brutal as these cuts are, they also tie in with similarly big cuts to iPhone trade-in prices which Apple made in November. Why is Apple slashing trade-in deals so significantly? In short, because it can. Sales of the iPhone 13 range are close to record breaking and Apple is struggling to make enough to supply demand, given the ongoing impact of the pandemic on manufacturing. 

It is worth pointing out that you will get far better prices for your old smartphone selling it on the likes eBay, Decluttr and Swappa though the simplicity of going direct to Apple holds appeal for many. If these cuts have put you off upgrading however (and with a pristine Galaxy S21+ 5G only saving you $325 off a $1600 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max who can blame you?), then your patience may be rewarded. 

Multiple leaks have shown the iPhone 14 range will receive major design upgrades, a big camera boost and make a radical feature change. The bad news is they are also tipped to get more expensive

It never ends. 


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