Apple iPhone SE (2022) gets 5.5/10 repairability score in teardown

The Apple iPhone SE (2022) got an average 5.5 our of 10 repairability score from PBKreviews in their disassembly video.

It’s a pretty standard affair of prying open a modern smartphone – heating up the frame so that the screen adhesive loosens, prying out the screen, and then removing screws and connectors. But if you thought the latest SE can get some of its parts from the identical-looking iPhone SE from 2020, you’d be mistaken.

The display, which is the same in both size, resolution, and connectors, turns on but doesn’t operate normally – touch input is non-functioning.

Interestingly, the battery of the new SE is bigger than that of the old one, around 10% bigger. The iPhone SE (2022) has a 2,018mAh pack, while the iPhone SE (2020) had a 1,821mAh one.

Here’s the video.

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