Apple iPhone 13: It’s a steal! Apple iPhone 13 is now on Flipkart for Rs 59,400. Here are the details

An Apple iPhone 13, 128 GB edition, can now be yours for only Rs 59, 400, if you buy it from Flipkart. Doesn’t this sound like a sweet deal? We bet it does. But, before you click on the Flipkart app and check out to see if this wonderful piece of news is actually true, let us tell you that this deal comes with a few caveats.

A lot of thoughtful permutation and combinations of discounts, exchange offers, and banking incentives clubbed together take the price down that low, and if you are someone who isn’t particularly good at doing all the math, and wants to understand the calculation, read the lines below carefully, and make notes, because that would allow you to avail this dream offer.

At this time, iPhone 13, (128 GB) is listed on Flipkart for 74,900, which is 6 percent less than its retail price of Rs. 79,900. While this Rs 5,000 discount is a given, to take the price down to Rs 59,400, you will have to do some hard calculations.

To begin with, if you have a phone which is in a fairly decent condition, you can avail the exchange offer on the e-commerce site, and get up to Rs 15,000 discount on the price. However, this offer isn’t available in all pin-codes, so please check before you try to check-out your new iPhone 13 from Flipkart.

Also, the exchange rates vary depending upon how dilapidated your old phone looks, and how expensive it was when you bought it, and what model it is, so read the fine prints before you go for the exchange.

Now, if you can avail the exchange offer, and for some reason also have a Flipkart Axis Bank credit card in your pocket, you can receive a 5% cash back as well, which takes down the price of the phone even further. However, before availing this offer too, read the terms and conditions, because the devil, as they say, is always in the details. If all these factors align, and you calculate properly, then you are likely to get your iPhone 13 for the aforementioned low price.

The low rates are also available for other editions, although offers differ. The 256 GB edition is available for Rs. 84,900 on the e-commerce platform, which is 5 percent lower than its retail price and if you are planning to go for this, the good news is, both the exchange offer, as well as the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card offer hold good. The same is not true for the phone’s 512 GB variant, which is on Flipkart for Rs. 1,04,900, 4% less than its MRP. If you buy this edition, there are no exchange offers available for you, but the credit card cash back offer still stands.

So, are you going for the Apple iPhone 13 for Flipkart prices?

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