Apple could bring an under display iPhone selfie camera in 2024!

Apple may bring 2024 iPhone with under-display Face ID and front camera.

While Apple is still months away from the iPhone 14 series launch, there have already been plenty of speculations on its designs and features are creating buzz on the internet. The tech giant is speculated to change its flagship smartphone’s appearance in the coming years. Apple is likely to slightly tweak the iPhone designs this year, the tech fans might have to wait a couple more years to see under display face id and selfie camera. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reiterated that the first iPhones with a “real full-screen” design, under display face id and UD front camera could come in 2024.

This means Apple might ditch the notch or a hole cut out design to implement under-panel components. Kuo said in a Twitter update on Wednesday that he thinks that this will happen in 2024, i.e, iPhone 16 generation. However, he specified that the under-display selfie camera and Face ID components could only be available on high-end models i.e, Pro models.

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Apple to bring UD selfie camera on iPhone 2024 models

Though the full screen design might appear exciting, the UD selfie cameras will always be at a disadvantage when compared to regular cameras. The image quality will be oor as less light will come into the sensor, due to the extra layer on top. So it would be pretty interesting to see if Apple will come up with some exciting technology to offset that.

Meanwhile, a report by The Elec, suggests that Samsung Display will provide Apple with an under-display solution to hide the iPhone 15 Pro Face ID sensor when it is not being used.

Samsung Display is reportedly working with Canada’s OTI Lumionics in developing the under-display camera tech by using cathode mask components so that the light from the emission layer underneath and the light from outside can pass through.

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