Apple Arcade is the perfect home for Lego Builder’s Journey — and a hit of nostalgia

I’m a broken man: as I approach 36, I have compromised sight in one eye, a growing beer belly, a bad back, and all the enthusiasm of my youth sapped by concerns over rising mortgage rates and electricity bills. When I stare at my tired visage in the mirror, sometimes I wonder: “is there any joy left in life?” 

Well, yes there is. Aside from a cool beer, a spicy curry and a good pun or two, nuggets of joy are still to be found in the year 2022. And one of them comes in the form of Lego Builder’s Journey on Apple Arcade. 

While available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch, I feel the design and tactile nature of the Builder’s Journey lends itself well for touchscreen controls. 

a photo of Lego Builder's Journey on an iPad and iPhone 13 Pro

(Image credit: Future)

It’s a pretty basic puzzle game in which you aim to shift a variety of Lego bricks and pieces around to get one character (made up of Lego parts rather than a figurine) to another, across small arenas/platforms also constructed of recognizable Lego parts. 

Overall, it’s a fun and cerebral game to play on your commute, though the occasionally fiddly controls can make it a little tricky especially when you’re in a train car that’s less than stable.

A screenshot of Lego Builder's Journey

(Image credit: Future)

There’s also a creator mode, which lets you construct your own platform through what appear to be semi-randomly generated bricks and parts. And that’s about it; it’s gloriously simple.

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