apple: Apple may launch a subscription service for iPhone buyers: 6 questions answered

It’s clear that Apple wants to sell more iPhones than ever. What’s also clear is that the folks at Cupertino have realised that iPhone users don’t really change iPhones every year or two. Perhaps that’s why the idea of ‘leasing’ iPhones is brewing. A report by Bloomberg reveals that Apple may be planning a subscription service for iPhones. We answer the five important questions about the rumoured subscription service from Apple:



How Apple may make the subscription service work?

According to the report,Apple could offer users to subscribe to hardware by paying a monthly fee. Apple already has many subscription services — Apple One, Apple One, Apple TV+ among others — and it could follow the same model.



How will it be different from an EMI scheme?

The report suggests that the program will be different from an instalment scheme in the sense that the “the monthly charge wouldn’t be the price of the device split across 12 or 24 months.” Instead, what Apple could do is determine a monthly fee depending on the device a user wants to choose.



Will users be able to upgrade to new devices every year?’

As per the report, Apple has been discussing allowing users who opt for the service to “swap out their devices for new models when fresh hardware comes out.”



What devices could be eligible under the rumoured subscription service?

Traditionally, Apple releases a new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch every year. The report states that these three devices will be under the service.



When is the subscription service expected to launch?

There is no confirmation from Apple on this and one won’t come till the project is actually launched. However, Apple already has similar options for customers in the US under its Apple Card and a partnership with Citizen Bank. It remains to be seen when — and if — as well as in which regions the subscription service for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch actually gets launched.



Will Apple bundle other services like Apple One, Apple Care?

Possibly. It would make sense to give users an all-in-one subscription service that takes care of their needs related to the hardware.

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