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Apex Legends, Rocket League and Genshin Impact take big wins in Google Play Best Games of 2022

The list for Google Play’s best games of 2022 is out, with Android’s official app store releasing its lineup for the best of the best on Google Play. This year’s roster is bound to spark controversy and disagreement, so prepare for delight, anger, or both.

Rocket League Sideswipe is king of user choice

User’s Choice is Rocket League Sideswipe, an adaptation of the chaotic auto-soccer classic for a 2D plane and set up for fast-paced matches. What’s not to like?

The Google Play Best Games Of 2022 overall award for Best Game has gone to Apex Legends Mobile. This is not a big surprise. It looks beautiful and gives an experience that is directly comparable to the game on other systems.

However, Apex does not get the Best Multiplayer title, because it goes to Dislyte. The stylish turn-based RPG does feature online battles, though many gamers didn’t seem happy with the selection.

The best Pick Up And Play went to Angry Birds Journey, the latest in the truly inescapable mobile game series. Silly physics puzzles always have appeal, and this one has broken ten million downloads, so the choice is no mystery.

Old faces, industry giants and indie darlings

Ingenious and cute deckbuilder Dicey Dungeons gets stuck on Best Indie. Terry Cavanaugh, creator of 2010 indie gem VVVVVV, developed this truly unique experience. It’s fun, fast-paced, and offers tons of playstyles.

The title of Best Story went to Inua – A Story In Ice And Time. The narrative adventure traverses three stories from different time periods and deals with the grim fate of the Franklin expedition to the Arctic.

The Best Ongoing winner is Genshin Impact, a technically impressive game that you might love or hate depending on your tolerance for anime tropes. Lots of free content to enjoy if it’s your thing.

The best games from Google Play of 2022

Here’s a full list of prizes and winners:

  • Best Game: Apex Legends mobile
  • Game of the user’s choice: Rocket League side swipe
  • Best Multiplayer: dislyte
  • Best Pickup and Play: Angry Bird’s journey
  • Dear India: Dice dungeons
  • Best Story: Inua – A story in ice and time
  • Best Running: Genshin effect
  • Best for Chromebooks: roblox
  • Best on Play Pass: Very little nightmares

Looking for more award news to celebrate or commiserate with? We’ve got news on the big mobile game winners at this year’s VGA.

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