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An iPhone 14 Pro Max and tons of loot up for grabs in the Lords Mobile Ultimate Guild 2022 event

The Lords Mobile Ultimate Guild event is upon us once again, ushering in three full weeks of brutal competition, bountiful bonus points and a huge variety of prizes.

And not just virtual prizes. There are also three top-of-the-line iPhones up for grabs.

Before we get started, let’s recall how Lords Mobile got big enough to host an annual Ultimate Guild event in the first place.

Lords Mobile, developed by IGG, is a huge, colorful, technically impressive MMO with tower defense strategy.

It takes place in a fantasy realm where the fall of the Emperor has created a power vacuum. Dwarves, dark elves, mermaids, steampunk robots and many other species climb over each other to fill it.

To survive in this war-torn world, you must grow your settlement, collect artifacts, recruit troops, summon heroes, forge alliances and – most of all – win battles.

So many fights.

3 weeks to kill

And it would be an excellent idea to win even more battles in the three weeks between November 14 and December 3.

Lords Mobile Ultimate Guild 2022 will take on a slightly different form each of the three weeks it runs for.

In the first week, you earn points by training troops (the higher the level, the better) and get bonus points by completing a mystery task.

In the second week, you earn points for spending Gems, Artifact Coins, Sacred Stars, and other items.

The third and final week is where the action is. Here you earn points for every troop you manage to kill on the battlefield.

The top 100 players and Guilds will receive rare items each week, such as Lunite, Wolfpack Sigils, and Mystic Carpets, while the player with the most points will win an iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB.

After the event, the top 100 players and guilds in general will receive even more exclusive event rewards, and you can unlock better rewards each week by purchasing five packs worth $4.99 or more.

To get started, download Lords Mobile now for free on the Google Play Storethe App Storeor Steam.

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