Amazon Prime Day 2022 — what to know and best early deals

Prime Day 2022 will take place in July. Amazon confirmed the Prime Day 2022 date during its last earnings call. The e-comm giant said its retail holiday will return to over 20 participating countries. Although July is still a few weeks out, it’s never too early to prepare for Amazon’s two-day sales-a-thon. After all, Prime Day deals are among the retailer’s best sales of the year, undercut only by Black Friday. 

That said, we understand that inflation and stock shortages are causing households to tighten their budgets and rethink their overall spending. So we’re going to be extra critical about the Prime Day deals we highlight. We’ll cross check prices, look at competing retailers, and make it a point to highlight products we’ve reviewed or highly recommend. Plus, we’ve collected some essential Prime Day tips to help you get ahead of the game this year. 

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