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Aether Gazer is an anime-themed ARPG launching Q4 2022

Ever since Genshin Impact went big, we’ve seen an influx of new anime-themed ARPGs popping around the Play Store. The next in that long line is called Aether Gazer and will land in the fourth quarter of the year.

It is set in a post-apocalyptic future where human consciousness is in danger. Which sounds pretty bad. You make a team of three fighters to try to stop the spread of chaos and evil.

Two of your fighters will be treated by the AI, but you will be running around and using force with the other. Different characters have different skills and roles because that’s what happens in games.

The game will land in North America, Europe and SEA by the end of the year. We will of course let you know if and when we hear otherwise. Because it’s our job.

meanwhile you can click here to view the official Aether Gazer website† There is a 16 day countdown there, so we imagine there will be more information to share when it hits zero.

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