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Adventure Islands Announces New Tightrope Theater Game

Adventure Islands has a pretty good track record when it comes to making sharp and engaging mobile platformers. Don’t believe us? Go play Tiny Dangerous Dungeons or Duke Dashington and then eat your words. EAT THEM.

Well, Adventure Islands has announced its first new mobile game in three years. It’s called Tightrope Theater and it will hit the Play Store on August 11.

The game looks like it takes place on single screen challenges and sees you bouncing around a tightrope to get to a specific platform. That will make more sense once you watch the trailer we’ve embedded below, so why not.

Looks pretty good, right? Just the kind of short, challenging platforming experience that works very, very well on mobile. And it’s always nice when people cheer when you do something good.

The game, as we mentioned, will be launched on August 11 for Android, which will take about a month and a half. We’ll let you know if and when we hear otherwise.

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