A steam mop damaged my floors — don’t let this happen to you

We all want to make our housework quick and less of a chore. As a Homes writer, I’ve probably tried every cleaning gadget, DIY product, or ‘miracle’ hack imaginable to see if they really can cut down the time it takes to clean every room of your home

Having laminate flooring throughout my home meant that I was often mopping it to keep it dust-free and spotless. The steam mop (in theory), offered the convenience and power my floor care routine was missing. Firstly, using one of these meant I didn’t have to always fill up a bucket with hot, soapy water, nor continuously wring out a wet mop. The fact that it heats up the water reservoir in seconds would make it quick to use, and tidying up would be a breeze too. No more emptying out dirty water, or worrying about the harsh chemicals on my floor (you don’t need to use any). 

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