8 ways to ditch the clothes dryer and save on energy

It’s all too easy to rely on the best clothes dryers after every wash cycle. After all, you don’t need to spend time hanging up the laundry, and there’s no unsightly articles on show around your home as they dry. Plus, items come out soft, fluffy and ready to wear, so why wouldn’t you use the clothes dryer? The trouble is, clothes dryers require a fair amount of energy to run, and considering they’re used to do something you can achieve for free, that’s an awful lot of money down the drain.

While the alternative may not seem appealing, there are in fact ways you can dry your clothes both quickly and effectively without using a clothes dryer. And considering the cost of energy is constantly on the rise, these tips can ultimately help you save a hefty sum on your energy bill. So if you want to rely less on your clothes dryer, here are the best ways to dry your clothes for free. 

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