8 Peloton hidden features everyone should know

I’ve owned my Peloton Bike+ for about half a year now, and though I actually doubted my dedication at first, I still use it regularly. In fact, I’ve settled into a nice routine using one of the best exercise bikes. However, even with new classes being added daily, and the range of exercises on offer — from yoga to strength classes to meditation — it has somehow started to feel a little same-y. 

That’s why I was pleased to stumble across some hidden features on my Peloton bike, which can really break up the monotony. Even if you take advantage of these options just once, it can really refresh your experience and remind you of the versatility of this bike. Here are 8 things you never knew you could do with a Peloton.

1. Lanebreak 

a screenshot from Peloton Lanebreak

(Image credit: Peloton)

For those who love to game, Peloton recently introduced Lanebreak — a game where you race to the music and need to stay in the best lane using the resistance dial. You gain a score based on your tempo, speed and direction (based on the dial). There’s a selection of genres and playlists to suit different tastes, and varying levels of difficulty too. The lengths of these sessions range as well, starting from as little as 5 minutes. 

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