7 tips to save space in a student dorm room

Summer will be over before you know it, and once students have bought the essentials in the back to school sales, they will be gearing up to move into their college dorm rooms. It’s not uncommon for most students leaving home to pack more things than needed. And if you’re lacking in space, it’s useful to know how to save space in a student dorm room. This is especially the case if sharing with roommates, and you want to avoid a cramped and cluttered living space. 

The good news is, you can fit everything you need in even the tiniest dorm room or apartment. All it takes is a much needed decluttering and some savvy storage ideas. So if you want to maximize dorm room space, here’s how to save space in a student dorm room and make it feel more like home. 

1. Savvy storage organizers

Organized items in bedroom

Organized items in bedroom (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Most dorm rooms have limited space to store everything neatly, so it’s best to invest in suitable storage. Modular storage, bedside caddies or space-saving bins are a great way to organize and put things in their rightful place. If you have a small room, vertical bookshelves or units can be effective as they won’t take up much floor space. 

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