7 mistakes you never knew you were making with the oven

Whether you own one of the best electric ranges, or best gas ranges, the oven is a quintessential part of our kitchen. We use it day in and day out to cook our meals until they’re ready to serve. And while you’re likely well-versed with your oven and settled in your habits, there are actually several mistakes you could be making with this appliance. 

You might think nothing of some of these mistakes, but the fact is they’re likely costing you money, impacting the quality of your meals and even damaging your appliance. That’s why it’s imperative that you address any of the following if you know you’re guilty. Here are 7 mistakes you never knew you were making with the oven.

About Our Expert

About Our Expert

Katie Motram

Katie Mortram is the homes editor at Tom’s Guide and oversees our buying guides and advice for all appliances. She’s been testing and writing about appliances for over seven years, from electric kettles to full blown dishwashers. However, ovens have always been a fascination of hers, mainly because of the difference in performance you can get between models. 

1. Leaving it preheating for too long 

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It’s all too easy to preheat your oven and then forget about it, particularly if you’re distracted by a phone call or the TV. Once your oven reaches temperature, any delay in using it is literally money down the drain. For instance, if you leave your oven at full temperature for 5 minutes each day before you load the food, that equates to it running for over 30 hours a year to no purpose. 

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