7 common lawn care mistakes you’re probably making right now

Whether you enjoy spending time outdoors or hosting backyard barbecues, you’ll want to make sure your grass is green and healthy this summer. And while cutting grass may seem easy enough, chances are, you’re probably making some common lawn care mistakes that could ruin your garden. 

In addition, avoiding these mistakes will make life easier, and less work when it comes to maintaining a lush lawn. So, before you get out the lawn mower to tackle your garden, here are seven common lawn care mistakes you’re probably making right now. 

 1. Planting grass in areas where it won’t grow 

Holding grass seeds to plant

Holding grass seeds to plant (Image credit: Shutterstock)

It’s always handy to learn how to plant grass seed to make your lawn greener, but a common mistake is to grow grass where it’s simply not meant to live.  Grasses require full sun to thrive, so if you’re planting seeds in shady areas, these may not survive. Instead, it’s recommended to use ground cover plants that suit the soil and aspect of your garden. “It is important you understand the makeup of your garden from the soil to its position,” agrees Anna Hampshire from Marshalls, the landscaping experts. ”This will ensure you can prepare your garden effectively for the sunshine. From positioning garden furniture in shade or sun trapped areas to knowing whether or not to add mulch to planted areas, having knowledge of what’s required will be sure to make the heatwave a little kinder to your outdoor space.” 

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