67 best Netflix shows right now (August 2022)

The variety in the best Netflix shows is strong, as Netflix continues to add interesting titles (including one surprising addition that we thought would be a Peacock exclusive). To pick the best shows on Netflix, we monitor what’s new on Netflix just do the work of watching Netflix. We also do periodical deep dives to re-examine things that fly under the radar, which is how one of our latest entries made the list.

Right now is arguably a big moment for Netflix, as Stranger Things 4 dominated the service, which just dropped its adaptation of The Sandman, which is getting strong reviews out the gate. Is this waiting period just a trick Netflix is doing to keep us subscribed? You might want to check out our Netflix hacks: 7 tips and tricks for saving money if you’re feeling like Netflix costs too darn much after the price increase. You can also check out Netflix’s secret codes that can unlock new categories for you.

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