6 things you can do with pumpkin guts and seeds

Halloween is almost here, bringing with it many traditions from decorating the house to trick or treating. But, one such tradition is a firm favorite for adults and kids alike — namely carving pumpkins. This is a creative and fun way to celebrate this time of year. The trouble is, there’s usually a lot of waste involved in the process. 

For those that don’t regularly eat pumpkins, the innards will just be disposed of without a second thought. This doesn’t have to be the case though — why not make use of those guts and seeds and get the most out of your pumpkin? If you want some guidance or inspiration, here are 6 things you can do with pumpkin guts and seeds. You don’t even have to like the flavor of pumpkin to take advantage of some of these!

1. Try cooking with pumpkins 

Roasted pumpkin pieces on a baking sheet with two small pumpkins nearby

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First of all, pumpkin guts and seeds are both entirely edible, so consider using them in everyday recipes. The pulp is particularly delicious whether pureed, roasted, added to a soup or even stockpiled for broth. But, keep in mind that these types of pumpkins aren’t typically used for pumpkin pies. These require ‘sugar pumpkins’, which as the name suggests are generally sweeter. If you’re new to pumpkins, you will find the flavor to be similar to sweet potato once cooked, with nutty tones.   

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