6 emerging technology trends in higher education

With the evolving technology, people have reshaped and rearranged almost every aspect of their lives. We have tried everything to make our lives easier with the help of some form of technology.

Classrooms are getting smart with interactive boards, smartboards, projectors and online learning programs, and learning management systems are becoming increasingly popular across the education sector.

So let’s talk about some of the most promising and impressive emerging technology trends in higher education:

  1. Artificial intelligence : AI is used in arranging student data, disability assistance, library services. AI-based application instruments: and software some provide educators with clear, direct, and reliable ways and techniques to make schooling fun, customdetailed, modified and better including
  2. Online reviews: Online assessments have now become commonplace for everyone. Thanks to pandemic. Being locked in our homes and yet being able to appear for exams and be judged fairly was only possible thanks to technology.

Although we still need to control the abuses in/on the net reviews and make them truthful and much more believable.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Labs: Augmented Reality helps you witness the functions of the real planet in an enhanced method using AR headsets. On the other hand, VR makes it possible to visualize occasions that are not there.
  • IoT for Smart Campus: The Internet of Points (IoT) is a technical example that allows all good entities to talk to each other over the World Wide Web. This equipment connects by transmitting indicators that can be used for different needs, such as:
  • Alerts, Alarms and Triggers
  • Care alarms
  • Automated security checks across the campus
  • Automatic enforcement of identification, validation and authentication in various configurations
  1. Open Schooling and Hybrid Courses: It is an initiative of open education, learning consortium and Google with the aim of making education affordable and accessible to everyone around the world. The open-up instructional programs are completely free to access on the world-wide-web and are becoming more and more popular among the educational fraternity and students around the world.

Some examples of these courses and open studying are:

  • Limited classes
  • Boot camps and badges
  • Expert licenses and certificates
  • College certificates
  • College Accredited Packages
  1. Microdentials and Its Business Opportunities: Microcredentials are programs that target a specific skill set to create a more employable student at the end of the course. They are considerably shorter and more flexible than traditional courses.

These programs can range from –

  • Short courses and badges
  • Boot Camps
  • Professional certificates and licenses
  • Certificates issued by universities
  • Other University Accredited Programs

So these were the 6 much-discussed emerging Ed tech trends in the world. However, these are not the only ones. There are clearly more elements that can make higher education easier and more fun with their proper application and use, such as Big Data for performance tracking and analysis, 3D hotspots for module creation, etc. As the pandemic begins to creep into the background some of the challenges posed by the pandemic could lead to higher education becoming a more flexible and equitable place.



The above views are those of the author.



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