13 Stranger Things 4 questions we have for volume 2

Ever since Stranger Things 4 volume 1 wrapped up and left us with a lot to ponder, we’ve been running up that hill in our heads, wondering how it’s going to all go down. But because we’re possibly overthinking the next two episodes — yes, Stranger Things 4 volume 2 is a mere two-parter — we’ve racked up an unlucky number of queries for the Matt and Ross Duffer, aka The Duffer Brothers, the guys who are pulling all the strings in the Upside Down.

From potentially killed-off Hawkins kids to the ins and outs of how this reality beneath ours was created, this Stranger Things 4 volume 2 has a lot of answers to deliver. Hopefully, they don’t kick some of these down the road to Stranger Things 5, which is likely due out by the time the gang’s graduated college.

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